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Why Recertify?

Recertification in the supervisor and management profession is a strong indicator of your passion for lifelong learning. CS and CM certification is a symbolization of the manager or supervisor’s devotion to staying relevant and up to date on the continuously evolving practices of their respective profession. As such, recertification is a requirement for CS and CM certification holders to maintain and continue using the CS or CM credential.

Recertification Process

Recertification is accomplished by meeting two requirements:

Paying Recertification Fees

Recertification fees are required annually to keep a certification current. Certificants have the option of paying fees in one, two, or three year increments.

Completing Professional Development Units

Certfiicants are required to complete management/leadership-related professional development units (PDUs) during a three year renewal period.

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Lifelong learning and professional development are a key component of the certification and recertification process. Each CS and CM must report the appropriate Professional Development Units (PDUs) at the end of each three-year recertification period. The amount of PDUs are determined by the certification that is being maintained. To complete and submit your PDU form, please log into your account and use the link in your User Dashboard.

20 PDUs
Certified Supervisors (CS)
45 PDUs
Certified Managers (CM)

How Can I Earn PDUs?

Contact our office for activities that you are unsure if they can be counted or if you do not see them listed below. Please note, that when PDUs are submitted, documentation of any listed activity must be provided!

College Credit Hours

Management Related Courses

5 PDUs per credit hour

Courses, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Leadership or Management Related

1 PDU is earned for every contact hour in which you participate

Military Training

Leadership or Management Related Courses

1 PDU is earned for every contact hour in which you participate

Other certifications / certificates

Business-related study

1 PDU per contact hour

Write & submit an article for ICPM's blog

Business-related topic

10 PDU per article published, max 20 PDUs/yr

Reading Books

Topics should be management related topics or content areas

5 PDUs are earned for each book read, max 10 PDUs per 3-yr period

Hold & present a webinar

Business-related topic

1 PDU per contact hour, max 5 PDUs/yr


1 PDU per contact hour, max 10 PDUs

Instructing Management Courses or Training

Includes CM or CS Prep Courses

1 PDU is earned for each hour of teaching, not including preparation

Continuing Education Units

Management Related Study

10 PDUs are earned for each CEU

Other Management/Leadership-Related Activities
Other management/leadership-related activities may count for recertification credit. If you have questions, contact ICPM at or (540) 410-1513.

Recertification Fees

Both CSs and CMs must recertify. The initial certification is valid for one year. Afterwards, the certification holders are responsible for paying the respective recertification fees beginning one year after the initial certification date indicated on their certificates, proceeded by an annual payment thereafter.

1 Year Renewal

$ 30
  • Single year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

2 Year Renewal

$ 50
  • Two year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

Three Year Renewal

$ 70
  • Three year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

1 Year Renewal

$ 50
  • Single year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

2 Year Renewal

$ 90
  • Two year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

Three Year Renewal

$ 135
  • Three year certification renewal
  • Multi-year discount

Certification Status

A Certified Supervisor’s or Certified Manager’s certification is considered to be either current, lapsed, or retired.

Current Status

A CS or CM certification will be considered current if the holder is within their first year of certification or is up-to-date concerning payment of annual recertification fees and reporting PDUs.

Lapsed Status

A CS or CM who is not up to date with annual recertification fees and the reporting of PDUs will have their certification status as lapsed. Individuals with lapsed certifications may no longer continue to use the CS or CM credential.

Certificate holders who allow their certification to lapse may bring their certification up to date by paying an $75 lapsed status fee as well as the current year’s annual fees.

Retired Status

A CS or CM who has exited the managerial workforce and retired, may also have their certification status retired as well by notifying ICPM. After notification retired CSs and CMs are relived of their recertifying obligations.

Retired supervisors and managers are still eligible to receive ICPM communications and utilize their certifying credential. Please contact ICPM at if you have questions regarding a retired status.

Recertification Steps

Completing the recertification process with ICPM is simple. Just follow these three-steps:

Choose Your Renewal Period

Choose to renew your certification either in a single, two, or three year increment, and click the "Get Recertified" button above.

Complete the Purchase Process

Complete your recertification purchase process online, and your certification expiration will be automatically updated.

Complete the PDU Documentation Form

After your purchase is complete you'll receive an email with a link to complete your PDU documentation form.

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