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Management Certification for Business

A Management Certification to Meet any Need

For businesses and organizations trying to identify employees with the ability to manage, needing to train and validate a group of new supervisors to gain fundamental management skills, or seeking to achieve the full potential of your current management staff, the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) has a management certification to meet any organizations needs with the Certified Supervisor (CS) or Certified Manager (CM) certifications.

Is Your Business Ready to Meet Management Demand?
Regardless of an organization’s industry or focus, managers are an absolute continual necessity in the ever-evolving modern workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of individuals into management occupations will continue to grow by 7% through 2028, which is faster than the average for all occupations. As companies continue to grow, more and more managers will be required to handle the day-to-day operations necessary to ensure organizational success. These businesses and organizations looking to meet the present demand for new managers are faced with similar dilemmas, which involves the need to:
  • Train and promote their current workforce to positions of leadership and management.
  • Offer practical and time-efficient solutions with positive outcomes for management training.
  • Locate an affordable and reliable method for evaluating, assessing and validating an employee’s ability to manage.
An Alternative to Management Degree Programs
In the past businesses have looked to four-year institutions or university degree programs to meet their training needs. What organizations have quickly identified is that its not practical, affordable, or even time efficient to go through the process of navigating the complexities of todays’ current management degree program offerings.
Move Your Business Forward
Forward-thinking businesses and organizations have discovered that the most efficient and effective method for validating an employees capability for advancement and promotion is through one of ICPM’s management certification programs. ICPM’s management certifications act as a reliable indicator that an employee has the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to perform in a management position effectively and efficiently. Not only this, but ICPM’s management certifications are practical, amazingly affordable, and time efficient when compared to management degree programs.
Trust Through Experience

The Institute of Certified Professional Managers is considered the management certification experts, and we invite your business/organization to join the ranks of others — such as General Dynamics, Gulfstream, the US Department of Energy, Trinity Consultants, MidSouth Bank, Emergicare and Johns Hopkins University, who have entrusted the development of their managers and leaders to ICPM. Learn how Trinity Consultants has implemented the CM program into their organization.

These businesses recognize that not only are ICPM’s management certifications relevant to all industries of management, but because of ICPM’s internationally renowned management certification programs, certified supervisors and certified managers in their organization will lead effectively in today’s rapidly changing workplace because they possess:

  • the knowledge, skills and abilities for competent performance,
  • the confidence to manage responsibly and ethically on-the-job,
  • qualification to an industry standard of management practice,
  • the “CS” and “CM” professional credential that signifies professional credibility, and
  • the backing of an organization that values quality management practice.


Choosing the Right Management Certification Program
Whether building your businesses management pipeline or planning for succession, ICPM’s management certification programs focus on developing core competencies for high performance in today’s modern workplace. ICPM provide businesses with two certification options, and provides volume discounts for both the CS and CM programs for businesses with enrollments of 10 or more participants. Quickly compare the differences between the CS and CM program below:
Asset 1

Certified Supervisor Certification

A certification program that develops fundamental knowledge and skills of entry-level managers and supervisors.

Asset 1

Certified Manager Certification

Certification program that validates managerial competency and leadership potential of mid-level managers.
Integrating both the CS and CM Certification
Many businesses and organizations quickly discover the benefits of integrating both the Certified Supervisor and Certified Manager into their training and professional development programs. The CS helps ensure an organization has entry-level managers ready to fill the roles vacated by managers who have been singled out for advancement through the CM certification. By integrating both of ICPM’s management certifications, businesses and organizations maximize their talent, grow their organizational structure, and strengthen their company culture.
The ICPM Competency Model
ICPM bases the CS and CM certifications on the ICPM Competency Model. The ICPM Competency Model is an extensive global-practice analysis that incorporates input from subject matter experts, focus groups and the survey results of thousands of active management practitioners to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities managers need to perform competently on-the-job. By developing competencies and validating them through assessment, ICPM has become a leader in advancing managerial excellence worldwide.
Get your Team Certified Today!

As a business, it’s easy to get started with one of ICPM’s management certifications programs, and it involves just four simple steps:

  1. Complete the Free No-Obligation Quote Form: Quickly and easily complete the online quote form below so that ICPM can learn more about your organization and your needs when it comes to management certification.
  2. Speak with an ICPM Representative: We may have some additional questions for you, and what your needs are in terms of management certification training and assessment, so an ICPM representative will reach out to you within 48 hours.
  3. Review and Accept your Online Quote: Once we have all of the necessary information we’ll provide you with your free no-obligation quote, so that you can quickly see how affordable management certification can be for your business/organization. Review the quote, and once all the details are accepted, ICPM can send you an invoice for quick and easy payment online.
  4. Receive your Materials and Begin the Certification Process: Once payment is received your business will receive everything it needs to deliver ICPM’s management certification programs in self-study or instructor-led formats. Participants receive one or more custom published text-books, and access to ICPM’s e-learning center containing learning resources, quizzes, notes, and assessment exams. Instructors of the program receive outlines, notes, PowerPoint slides, and quizzes.

Complete the form below to get your free no-obligation quote, and see how easy it is to get your entire team management certified today!


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