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Why Be an ICPM Training Partner?

If you are an educational institute or a training organization, with valuable experience looking to expand your product offerings to include globally recognized certifications, then ICPM's partnership program could be what your looking for.

Exclusive Discounts

ICPM offers exclusive discounts on both the Certified Supervisor and Certified manager programs for approved instructional partners to increase your earning potential.

Training and Marketing Materials

ICPM provides access to our E-Learning Center, Learning Material content (notes, outlines, PowerPoint Presentations, and Quizzes), as well as marketing materials to all training partners.

Administrative and Technical Support

ICPM will prepare instructional partners for any administrative or technical challenges, and will be available throughout the duration for the program to provide guidance as well.

Record-keeping and Certification Awarding

E-Learning Center Access, exams, grading, and certificate mailing are all handled by ICPM. This allows our instructional training partners to focus on the most crucial aspect of the program -- the training itself.

Join Our Instructional Partner Community

Be a part of our remarkable community of partners. Join other training partners across the globe who have decided to make ICPM’s management certifications a part of their service offerings. Our partners play and integral part in our commitment to make ICPM’s management certifications the most sought after in the world. 

Domestic Partners

International Partners

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Step 2

ICPM will review your application documentation and determine if you are a good fit for our certifications

Step 3

Once accepted you'll be notified of the next steps and the steps to take to access materials and place orders.

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