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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase on selected items only.
  2. A $15.00 restock fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  3. All textbooks must be returned in their original packaging with a copy of the original receipt or invoice.
  4. Returns, or request for refunds after 30 days will not be accepted.
  5. Any requested, fully settled transaction, deemed applicable for a refund will be refunded for the amount paid minus any transaction fees, shipping fees, or applicable sales tax.
  6. All refunds issued are applied directly to the payment method used for purchase.

Access to the online learning materials is granted after the purchases/authorized transactions are processed, normally within one business day after the authorized transaction has completed the settlement process. If you have not received access within two (2) business days please contact for an update on status.

Once you have completed your application and have been approved, you will have the option to purchase your program and pay online.

All transactions are completed in USD

ICPM accepts payments via:

  1. PayPal
  2. utilizing credit or debit card;
  3. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Contact ICPM at for necessary information; and
  4. Bank wire transfer. Additional service fee applicable. Contact ICPM at for necessary information

Please contact us at: with your request

  1. Net 30. Any invoiced amount outstanding over 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% per month late payment penalty.
  2. Access to any Online learning resources will be limited to client’s account profile only until invoice has been paid in full.


As a partner, you have access to ICPM’s Partner Portal. When you log in and click on your Partner Portal link, you will be able to see the status of the students in the classes that you had created. If you are unsure of how to use the Partner Portal, please request a meeting here.

  1. Please complete the Partner application here. Once completed, your application will be reviewed and your partnership status will be communicated to you.
  2. Upon approval:
    i. an agreement will be emailed to you for signature. Once this has been returned, you will then receive your price list
    ii. ICPM’s partnership logo will be emailed to you for your marketing use.
    iii. Please submit your logo for our use on our partnership page.
  3. Any other questions, please contact:

Do you have a number of employees that you would like to see credentialed through ICPM? Perhaps you have clients that have asked you to help them gain a management certification…Either way, being a partner gives you the marketing visibility on ICPM’s website, substantial discounts on products that you can either pass along to your clients, or keep those discounts to increase your profits, and access to online resources for you and your clients. 

The partnership definitions of IP and AP stand for: 

IP – Instructional Partner

AP – Associate Partner

The primary difference between these 2 designations are in how the partner is expecting to pay for their student’s access to ICPM’s certification programs. If you would like ICPM to bill each of your students individually then you would be classified as an AP. If ICPM is able to bill the partner for multiple students at one time (a whole class for example), then they would be designated as an IP.

My Account

Your certificate is valid for one year, after initial certification attainment date. Recertification is then due annually.

CM™ and CS™ certification embodies a commitment to life-long learning to stay current on ever-changing management practices. Therefore, all certification holders are required to recertify to maintain awareness and continued use of their certifications. 

Recertification is required to maintain active use of all certification designations and associated benefits of attained certification status. Recertification is based upon certificate attainment date and due on or before that date.

All recertification requirements for all members are accomplished through the ICPM® Client Dashboard

PDUs are required for both CM™ and CS™ certificate holders. PDUs are submitted via the ICPM® Client Dashboard.

Once a certification holder has been designated as Lapsed, the certification holder is required to purchase the appropriate lapsed status bundle.

CM™ or CS™ certificate holders that wish to be designated as Retired status, must make their wishes known to ICPM® before their annual recertification date by agreeing to, and completion of the Certification Retirement Agreement

For the CS and CM program, students are given 12 months (CS) or 15 months (CM) to complete the program. During that time, students have access to all the needed learning materials to help them complete their studies. At the end of the program’s availability and once you have completed the final exam, you are no longer able to access or see the learning materials (PowerPoint, exams, etc.). If you would like to continue to have access to those resources, you will need to purchase monthly access to those learning materials. 


All authorized ICPM® exams are accessed through the Exams/Proctoring portion of the ICPM® Client Dashboard.

If you purchased a bundle that included books, then your initial exam’s virtual proctor is included in the price.

If you purchased a bundle that did NOT include books, there is an additional charge of $30.00 per exam.

Virtual proctoring is purchased through your ICPM client dashboard.

All ICPM® exams are allowed one attempt per virtual proctoring purchased.

If you happen to fail your exam (virtual or live in-person proctoring), you can retake that exam, but you will be charged a $50.00 retake exam fee for each retake exam needed.

There are no limits on how many times you retake the exams provided the retake fee has been paid/cleared.

Please contact us at:

Exam retake purchases are made through your ICPM client dashboard.

1.       Log into your account by clicking on the View Your Account “Login” button at the upper right-hand corner of the ICPM website (
2.        Enter your email and password. Please be sure to use the same email address as you used when you originally applied and were accepted into the certification program
3.       Once you have logged in, please click on the View Your Account “Account” link in the upper right-hand corner of the website.
4.       You should now be able to see your member dashboard. Please click on the Exams / Proctoring link.
5.        Here you will see all the exams that are required to complete your specific certification program. If you have purchased your program with books, all the required exams should be available. Those examinations that you have already taken, or requires you to purchase virtual proctoring for, will be grayed out.
6.       Once you have clicked on the examination link that you are planning on completing, the following box will ask you to input the ICPM Access code that was provided to you via email, or has been verbally given to you by your physical proctor. Click the “Submit” button to continue
7.       Upon successful submission and acceptance of your exam access code, you will be asked to read the instructions for the verification process which will ask you to allow a picture of a photo ID and a picture of you (selfie) to be captured in order for you to proceed. Please read the instructions carefully and be prepared to continue. Failure to provide the required captures on the next screen may result in your inability to proceed! Click on the “Start Your Verification” button on the bottom of this screen to continue.
8.        Once you start the verification process, please hold up your photo ID for your computer’s camera to capture (by holding up the required document and clicking the blue “Capture ID” button – the first (left-hand) box). Once you have captured your photo ID, the next step is taking your selfie photo (2nd box, right-hand side). Please be sure that your whole face is visible and click on the blue “Capture Face” button. Once both captures have been completed, please click on the blue “Submit Documents” button at the bottom of that page.
9.       Once the required documents have been captured for the verification phase, you will (again) be directed to read the examination disclaimer. Please note that if you do not follow these instructions, your exam will be marked as complete and your grade will be submitted immediately. Once you have read and clicked the red “Start Exam” button, you have agreed to the rules as written, and your examination can now begin.

Are you someone who does not like to take tests or exams? Do you feel that you know the materials, but at exam time feel like you’ve forgotten everything, or your apprehension climbs the closer you get to taking the required certification exam? Then consider adding the Examination Assurance Insurance (EAI) to your purchase of each of your exams! Purchasing an EAI for each of the required exams will give you a 2nd chance at taking that exam in the event that you do not pass it the first time. Each EAI purchased will give you one additional chance to pass the required exam to move closer or achieve your certification with ICPM.

When you first ordered your certification bundle program, you should have seen the option to add this product to your cart. If you felt at the time you didn’t need it, but would prefer to have it for future exams, then yes… You can purchase it while in the middle of your program. Please visit the store and choose the appropriate EAI that best suites your need!

ICPM has separated the required certification exams from the bundles based on customer demand so that customers can purchase the learning materials at one time and then the exam(s) when needed at a later time. 


Study book(s), designed to aid overall understanding of program concepts for each certification program, are available for purchase through ICPM®. Purchase and use of any ICPM® study book does not guarantee that an applicant will raise their exam score or pass an exam. Purchasing of study books are recommended but not required.

There are no digital copies of any ICPM® textbooks available.

Yes – ICPM® textbooks are available for purchase at any time, through your ICPM client dashboard.

ICPM does have instructional partners across the globe. Please contact for more information

  1. Please call (540) 410-1513 or email us at the following departments:
    i. Accounting:
    ii. Partners:
    iii. Enquiry:
    iv. Support:
    v. Sales & Marketing:

Program Information

Once you pass your final CM or CS exam you will officially be a Certified Manager or Certified Supervisor. Your ICPM account user dashboard will be updated with your certification date, CM or CS number, PDU date, expiration date, and one download of your attained certificate (please allow 24-48 hours for your account to update as ICPM verifies exam results).

All ICPM certificates are now digital. Please make sure your name is correct before downloading your certificate (utilizing the steps in your Congratulatory email).

If you prefer a physical/printed certificate, that is available for purchase through your ICPM client dashboard.

All ICPM certificates are now digital.

Attained CM or CS certificates will be made available for one download on your ICPM account. Please make sure your name is correct before downloading your certificate (utilizing the steps in your Congratulatory email).  

If you prefer a physical/printed certificate, that is available for purchase through your ICPM client dashboard.

All applicants whose program has expired due to timeframe terms have two options for purchase of program extensions.

• Option One: Monthly payment for a one (1) month extension per month purchased
• Option Two: One-time payment for a twelve (12) month extension

Both purchase options for a program extension are located within the ICPM® Client Dashboard for ease of purchase.

Applications are reviewed within 72 hours of submittal. Please check your email spam folder for communications regarding the status of your current application or need for further documentation.

Wire transfer payments are subject to an additional wire transfer service fee.

Please contact us at: 

We will provide you with the necessary banking information and total due with wire transfer service fee

  1. Textbooks shipping within the Continental United States are processed and shipped to the address that you provided once payment for the course has cleared. Subject to shipping carrier time frames.
  2. Textbooks shipping outside the Continental United States are processed and shipped to the address you provided once payment for the course and shipping costs have cleared. Subject to shipping carrier time frames.

Please contact us at: 

As this will depend upon the location being shipped to, please contact us at:

Please contact us at:

Candidates should consider the following when deciding which certification to pursue:

  • Level of education and work experience
  • Actual supervisory and/or managerial work performed
  • Extent of Managerial knowledge

To qualify for the CM™ certification program, an applicant must have a combined total of at
least ten (10) points. CM™ points are comprised of a minimum of three (3), maximum six (6)
education points, and a minimum of four (4), maximum seven (7) experience points.

To qualify for the CS™ certification program, an applicant must have a combined total of at least
four (4) points. CS™ points are comprised of a minimum of one (1), maximum three (3)
education points, and a minimum of one (1), maximum seven (7) experience points.

Exams should not be taken on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.

E-Learning study materials located on your ICPM client dashboard are accessible via a mobile device.

The Associate Certified Manager (ACM) program is designed for those that don’t / can’t meet the full requirements for the CM Bundle (Experience & Education). The ACM Bundle includes all the books, exams and online learning materials. With the completion of this program, you will be designated as an Associate Certified Manager (ACM), and issued a digital badge. Once you have met the full requirements for the CM Certification (reviewed and confirmed), a one-time payment of $30.00 will allow you to convert your ACM into a CM with the full honors of a new CM to include a diploma to showcase your accomplishment in the world of management! access.

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