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From College to Management

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I have always really enjoyed personal and professional development, so when my boss offered me the opportunity to enroll in the Foundations of Management Certificate Program two years ago, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. After studying the training manual, taking practice quizzes, and utilizing the E-Learning Center, I successfully completed the FoM exam and passed, receiving a certificate from ICPM. The whole process was very easy as the materials are right there for you to review- you will pass the exam if you read the training manual and work hard.

I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Marketing, so before registering for the FoM training, I did have some background knowledge about the management industry. However, these classes did not teach me the real-world ways in which I could be a better manager. The material in this book really gave me a solid foundation of management as well as real-world examples of how I can utilize the basic skills I already had. There is a lot more that goes into being a manager than just delegating tasks and finding the right incentives for different employees.

After I placed the Foundations of Management credential on my resume, I had future employers ask me about this exam and later tell me that it was one of the reasons that they hired me. Employers today are really looking for “go getters”- people who seek out additional training and development opportunities that can help them grow personally and professionally. I believe that this is increasingly important for young people. While I did not have actual management experience, employers were willing to give me a shot since this certification showed them that I had the managerial knowledge that I needed to succeed.

If you are a recent college graduate or are looking for a management job without any actual managerial experience, I would say that this is the first certificate you should complete before entering any interview. 


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