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CM E-Learning Center

Certified Manager (CM) Certification 4th Edition

Welcome to the CM 4th Edition E-Learning Center. Below you have access to the programs instructional materials, as well as practice and final exams.

After reviewing the instructional materials and completing the practice exams, its time to consider taking your final exams. All final exams must be proctored. Applicants have the option of choosing their own proctor (In-Person Proctoring) or virtual proctoring.

CM Exam 1

Click on the exam title to purchase proctoring for CM Exam 1

CM Exam 2

Click on the exam title to purchase proctoring for CM Exam 2

CM Exam 3

Click on the exam title to purchase proctoring for CM Exam 3

Retake Exams
If an exam retake is needed, please click on Purchase Exam Retake below to purchase your exam.

Instructional Materials

The instructional materials are divided into chapters/modules that correspond with the 3 Certified Manager textbooks. Each chapter/module consists of an outline, PowerPoint presentation, and quiz. You can begin to access the instructional materials by clicking the buttons below:

Practice Exams

Please choose either an explore mode, or timed mode practice tests from the options below. Remember you may take as many practice exams as you’d like prior to scheduling your final exam

Explore Mode

Explore mode provides the perfect opportunity to navigate through a practice exam un-timed. Explore mode is recommended for applicants first practice exam, as it allows applicants the opportunity to become familiary with how exam questions and answers are formatted.

Timed Mode

Timed mode provides a near exact representation of the final exam. A timed mode practice exam is recommended to applicants before scheduling for their final exam.

In-Person Live Proctoring

Applicants have the option to use an in-person proctor to observe and monitor their exam. Applicants who choose this option are responsible for securing a proctor that meets the requirements established by ICPM. All proctors must be pre-approved by providing the following documentation to ICPM at least 2 weeks prior to testing.

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