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Looking to begin your career as management professional? Are you searching for a more affordable and time-efficient option compared to a college degree to get the recognition you deserve in your organization? Then the Certified Supervisor (CS) Certification program could be what you are looking for.

The Certified Supervisor certification offers a comprehensive analysis, and in-depth knowledge on real-life situations of the job responsibilities of managers and supervisors, and equips them with the knowledge required to be successful in today’s modern workplace.

Estimated Time: 3 Months

Times may vary, all applicants have up to 12 months to complete their certification.

Enrollment: Open-Enrollment

Applicants can apply at any time and pursue their certification on their schedule.

Admission: Degree Requirement

A high school diploma or GED is required to pursue the certification

Examination: 1 Certification Exams

Certification is awarded after passing a 90 question multiple-choice online exam.

The Certified Supervisor certification is divided into 11 key subject areas, designed to provide applicants with sound knowledge based on management criteria that employers look for. ICPM’s CS curriculum covers:

The Certified Supervisor exam assesses essential analytical skills, knowledge and decision-making skills in the following areas: 

While the Certified Supervisor (CS) certification, is ICPM’s entry-level certification, you can be rest assured that great things will be ahead of you and your management career with a certification from ICPM. Not only this, but the CS certification acts as an excellent stepping stone for those looking to make a career in management and for those looking to pursue the CM certification when eligible. 

Our CS recipients all agree that our management certifications help them to be more successfully in their day to day job, but also make them better co-workers and employees. 


Profession in High Demand

The need for first-line supervisors/managers is expected to grow by 11% by the year 2029*, meaning employers are going to need to fill roles with qualified employees with the skills necessary to manage.

Industry Flexible

Management is a profession that is not industry specific, so regardless of the industry for which you are employed, managerial and supervisory skills will always be relevant.

Higher Pay and Greater Responsibilities

First-line supervisors and managers see greater earning potential than front-line workers, and also are given greater responsibilities within the organization.

The Certified Supervisor certification was designed specifically for individuals with no prior management experience. However newly appointed managers can quickly and easily validate their skills and knowledge through the CS program.

To qualify for the CS certification an applicant must have a combined total of 4 points with at least 1 Education point and 1 Experience point.

Education Requirements

Meeting the education requirements for the Certified Supervisor certification is easy: 

Education points are determined through the following system:

The Certified Supervisor (CS) Certification requires an application to be completed before an applicant can be enrolled in the program. We make this process easy. 

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