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Become an Instructor

Are you a current and active Certified Manager (CM)? 

Have you ever wanted to be able to pass along what you know regarding the certification by teaching or instructing others as they work towards achieving their own CM certification? Now you can help! Take a couple of minutes to complete the ‘Become an Instructor’ so you can be added to the long list of those that are currently helping others achieve this milestone in their lives and careers!

As we continually receive requests for instructors for the CM program, your information will be available to ICPM staff for us to pass along your email information directly to the individual or organization that is requesting help. You and the individual/organization can work out any other details including availability and financial compensation as necessary and required by the both of you… We don’t need to get in the way of the transaction, we only want to help others find the help that they are asking for.

Take the time today… Let’s all help with helping others achieve their Certified Management certification today!


Become an Instructor

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