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5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Development

To be a valued contributor in the workplace, you need to maintain current skills and abilities that come from engaging in continuing professional development. Many employers offer professional development as a workplace benefit; however, if you have not engaged in professional development in the last year, then it is time to be proactive and invest in yourself.  A minimal investment will ensure you maintain a competitive edge in today’s workplace.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in your own professional development.

1. You are not getting the professional recognition you deserve

If you have been in your current position for several years and have not been given any additional responsibilities it’s a good sign that your career is on hold.  Possibly your employer is not aware of your desire to progress in your job or your potential to take on more challenging assignments. By acquiring additional skills through a certificate program or validating the skills you currently possess through certification, you can increase your professional recognition and get your career moving again.

2. You lack the confidence to competently perform your job

It is not unusual to feel a bit intimidated by a new workplace role, however, when that feeling continues because you lack the confidence to competently perform your job, it is time to consider building your knowledge, skills and abilities with a certificate or certification program.  You will find your self-assurance will rise and your performance will follow.

3. You desire to distinguish yourself from your peers

What have you done for yourself lately?  In today’s workplace, no one wants to be left behind.  This requires staying ahead of the curve and being current in your field.  A certification program can serve to refresh your knowledge and provide a valuable professional credential that will distinguish you from your peers–whether for job selection or promotion.

4. You need a competitive edge for career advancement

With more and more companies cutting training budgets, you’ll gain a competitive edge by investing in your own professional development and demonstrating your personal commitment to continuing education.  Both certificate and certification programs are low cost in comparison to degree programs and develop special skills that support career advancement.

5. You want to change your career

Are you feeling stagnant in your current career field and in need of a change?  You can initiate the transition by developing skills in a new field through a certificate program.  This will not only let you sample the field before changing jobs, but also give a future employer tangible evidence that you have invested time and money to make the change.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you?  If so, why not invest in yourself to maximize your full potential. After all, what better investment could you make than you!

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